Responsible Hunting

When a person goes hunting they may go for the sport. Many people want to test their ability to hit a target at distance. Responsible hunting means respecting the animals such as deer that they are hunting.
Responsible hunting states that a person should not kill an animal just for the trophy. If they were to kill an animal they should use all parts of that animal for food and other functional purposes.
Controlled hunting is important in order to have a balance. Using the best hunting rangefinder can help ensure that hunters only kill animals that needs to be killed.

Top 3 Animals Hunted to Extinction

Hunting has been going on since the beginning of time but sadly, due to poaching and greed, this means that many animals are now extinct. They were  often hunted because of the large amounts of money paid for their fur, horns and tusks. Below are three animals that have been hunted to extinction.
The West African Black Rhinoceros which stood out because of it’s extremely sharp and large horn. This huge animal was hunted into extinction by poachers who were making huge amounts money as the horn of the rhino apparently had certain “health benefits”.
The beautiful Zanzibar Leopard which only came from a certain part of Tanzania, became extinct due to the local native populations beliefs and superstitions. It was thought that the Leopard was a relative of witches so they were wiped out to ensure they did not scare the locals.
The sub-tropical Caribbean Monk Seal were found in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. These seals were hunted into extinction by whalers and fishermen due to the demand for their fur, oil and meat. According to reports this is the only seal species to go extinct because of humans.
Unfortunately these are only a few animals of the many that have become extinct due to over hunting and there are many more species of animals all over the world today are currently threatened or endangered due to overhunting.

How You Can Help

Caring for the animals doesn't just fall on not killing them. Animals as part of most people's diet is not the right avenue to argue and debate. Responsible hunting is one the things we can do to regulate the population of animals. Help save the animals by learning more about what you can do!